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lopunnygloom whispered: Was that a Wolf Among Us reference I saw there? X3

You’ve got that right!!!!

I actually have a bunch of headcanons for dangan fairytale that are blatant references to twaus… like for example, I headcanon that the creatures in the forest are extremely hard to kill with human weapons. If ya’ wanna do real lasting damage your weapon needs to be blessed or something of the kind.

};- 0

You know… You’re not as bad as everyone says you are.

illuminousorb replied to your post: gay???

Yes hello, do you need something?



tried making a ref sheet dangan ronpa style for my dangan ronpa oc„„

anatomy is kinda weird

first of all this picture is really big so like look at full res pls

second i just really like all pyreclaws's AUs, including Alraune!Ishimaru

this is what I do with my time„,


I made this!!!! Because I was bored„, gonna make Mondo and Fukawa next

Anonymous whispered: You're my absolute favorite dr artist. Seeing your work makes me so happy and makes me feel all warm and nice. You're so incredibly talented and I hope you have a wonderful day ahhhh <333

uwooo thank you so much;;; I’m glad I can make you feel that way with my art kdjkfs it makes me really happy;;;

Thank you and have wonderful day you too!

ishimxru whispered: 1 with Togami/Ishimaru???only if you want to???I'm sorry--

´°` I don’t really think I can draw that pairing„ im very sorry