Hi im waffles and I draw thing--
requests in progress:
1- Daiyakane ////
2- Mstermind Ishi ////
3- Empty

I suck at making these but mmMMmM……So!! I’ve always wanted to make my own money to spend it in things I like so }:- )))

The priced my change depending on what you exactly want, but we just gotta talk and all make it as fair as possible for you! Feel free to ask what I am willing or not do draw and to suggest things!

I can draw also comics, screen edits, digital paintings.

I’ll draw OCs or fanart!

Contact: my main tumblr, this blog of course

My email: scoutfaster@gmail.com



 disse: THEN LET’S IMAGINE HAPPY FUN TIMES MAYbe they’re just playing pokemon but mondo keeps losing for some reason and questions life every time it happens

Mondo has a hard time playing video games

you should like?? requestt thing??? au ideaas??FanfIC i dea? yea??? ISHMO ND? oo ?? nice

frickle me SAI crashed

Since we’re at it, here’s Ishimaru on his witch form from crocus' Dangan ronpa/PMMM crossover

I love his design [flops down]

A Happy Death

A request!! PMMMxIshimondo, deisgns belong to crocus29 !

Ishi what is that on ur other hand hmmMM

what is it with neon bright gross colors???? why do i keep doing this???

I need ideas uuuh

7 and 8!

7:Do you have any OCs?

yes omg„„

The ones I kept were Two TF2 Ocs ( a medic called Gerald and a Pyro called Thais (totally not my name) ), an original character half a lion??? called Abiola, a L4D survivor called Maggie, an original character I made a few days ago that doesnt have a name… uuuh like 4 fantrolls lmao…hmm.. Oh and my dangan ronpa OC which I made a blog for

8:Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Aboslutely!! Music always helps me with drawing…

My favorite music atm is Are you Satisfied? by Marina and the Diamonds tbh…. I also like some Vocaloid songs such as Just be friends, rolling girl and double lariat… And Imagine Dragons… and Bastille… hm