Hi im waffles and I draw thing--
requests in progress:
1- Daiyakane ////
2- Mstermind Ishi ////
3- Empty



 disse: THEN LET’S IMAGINE HAPPY FUN TIMES MAYbe they’re just playing pokemon but mondo keeps losing for some reason and questions life every time it happens

Mondo has a hard time playing video games

you should like?? requestt thing??? au ideaas??FanfIC i dea? yea??? ISHMO ND? oo ?? nice

frickle me SAI crashed

Since we’re at it, here’s Ishimaru on his witch form from crocus' Dangan ronpa/PMMM crossover

I love his design [flops down]

A Happy Death

A request!! PMMMxIshimondo, deisgns belong to crocus29 !

Ishi what is that on ur other hand hmmMM

what is it with neon bright gross colors???? why do i keep doing this???

I need ideas uuuh

7 and 8!

7:Do you have any OCs?

yes omg„„

The ones I kept were Two TF2 Ocs ( a medic called Gerald and a Pyro called Thais (totally not my name) ), an original character half a lion??? called Abiola, a L4D survivor called Maggie, an original character I made a few days ago that doesnt have a name… uuuh like 4 fantrolls lmao…hmm.. Oh and my dangan ronpa OC which I made a blog for

8:Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Aboslutely!! Music always helps me with drawing…

My favorite music atm is Are you Satisfied? by Marina and the Diamonds tbh…. I also like some Vocaloid songs such as Just be friends, rolling girl and double lariat… And Imagine Dragons… and Bastille… hm


get ready for shitty cellphone pics haha

1:Take a picture of your workspace.

I dont really have a workspace since I dont really have a table big enough for all my stuff…. so heres tonight’s workspace!!! the sofa!!!! not recommend it is bad for u, ur pc and ur back and ur mom will be very angry

2:Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

… I’m 16.. i go to school… don’t judge me. ., „ , ,

3:Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

Last thing I drew and DIDn’t throw away was this Ishida drawing that my cellphone refuses to focus on so here a small part of it

4:Lineart or coloring?

Im terrible at linearting haha„, but im slightly better at coloring. So… Coloring!

5:Who/what inspires you?

Ah! I am usually inspired by music or writers!! I love some authors from tumblr like tokiosunset, thosetwogingers, pyreclaws, i-write-yaoi-not-tragedies, kiyotka, pinkhallmonitor!!! like!! yea!!!

Theres also a few artists that inspire me such as Asame uvu

yes im a bby who gets inspired by tumblr ppl you cant judge me