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first of all this picture is really big so like look at full res pls

second i just really like all pyreclaws's AUs, including Alraune!Ishimaru

this is what I do with my time„,


I made this!!!! Because I was bored„, gonna make Mondo and Fukawa next

Anonymous whispered: You're my absolute favorite dr artist. Seeing your work makes me so happy and makes me feel all warm and nice. You're so incredibly talented and I hope you have a wonderful day ahhhh <333

uwooo thank you so much;;; I’m glad I can make you feel that way with my art kdjkfs it makes me really happy;;;

Thank you and have wonderful day you too!

ishimxru whispered: 1 with Togami/Ishimaru???only if you want to???I'm sorry--

´°` I don’t really think I can draw that pairing„ im very sorry

Finished toshio-fukawa

im trying to pick some requests to draw them ´-`

Hey guys, remember when I made that au and didnt like never produced anything related to it again??? haha me neither

Asphodel — my regrets follow you to the grave

I made a gif of the process ops,fixed the link

Anonymous whispered: Maybe Chihiro in a cute shirt with an animal on it?

I took your request and just made Chihiro playing video games at 1 am instead omg„„